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Inertsil® ODS-2

ODS column employed pore-size 150Å Silica gel 

The “Inertsil 2-Series” phases, including Inertsil ODS-2, utilize Silica gel with 150Å pore size.

GL Sciences now offers “Inertsil 3-Series” and “InertSustain Series” which are major advancements from the “Inertsil 2-Series”, and generally provide superior chromatography and alternative selectivity. However, “Inertsil 2-Series” still remain useful and popular in the market today.


Column Features

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Particle Size Particle Shape Surface Area Pore Size Pore Volume Bonded Group End-Capping Carbon Load pH Range
5 µm Spherical 320 m2/g amp;T W201026 Shoes W201026 T Fashion T 150Å 1.15 mL/g Octadecyl group Yes 18.5% 2 - 7.5



amp;T W201026 Shoes Fashion W201026 T T HqwzB8
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